Fee Structure

This is not your old-school travel agency. We are not travel agents. Travel agents are salespeople. We are expert travel advisors. We do not rely on commissions. We do not receive incentives or sales kickbacks of any kind. We do not have targets or quotas, so we are not here to sell you anything. We are completely unbiased and independent.
We charge a flat fee with no hidden costs.
Your trip will be customized for you based on your travel goals, interests, ages, budget,
 and your quest for adventure! 

Your  future favorite memories start here

We are here with you from beginning to end. Sit back and relax while we take care of all the details. The only thing you need to remember is to pack your bags.

**Rates for full service vary, depending on the number of travelers, destination(s), length of stay, and trip complexity. The term “suggest” indicates curated options, expertly researched and chosen specifically for you from amongst trusted contacts, reputable providers, and personal recommendations, based on your budget, requests, and style.

Full-service, stress-free research, planning, & support.

Total Comprehensive Travel Planning

Full Design Service starting at $499

Essential Design Service starting at $249

Our Expertise, Connections, & Experience
Will Make Your Vacation



For Mexico, the Caribbean, & All-Inclusive Travel Planning

Your Trip

All wrppaed up
a ribbon & bow 


Let Us Help You


 Your Planning Process

Do It Yourself Design Products

Essential Design Service Starting At $299

Itinerary Builder $199

Design Deck Package $349

A detailed, interactive itinerary with maps, hyperlinks, and all travel documents. There’s even an app!

Or, if you’ve already organized your trip, send me all of your travel plans and I’ll put them together in a customized itinerary. 

Are you a planner who enjoys the process of planning your own trip? 

We will deliver products that will make your life easier and the art of planning much more enjoyable for you.

For clients who need a springboard package to start their travel planning. I curate a single 6-hour collection that contains my expertise, experience, and resources. I sort through all the information to research and collect the best options based on your individual goals, tastes, budget, and interests.

I will compile a selection of hotels/resorts, experiences and activities, selected top sites and recommend guides and tours with the companies I work with and trust. I will also include the practical logistics you need to know about your destination, exclusive insider tips and shopping and dining recommendations.

This is essentially an organized and purpose-driven package saving you about 80 hours of researching on your own. Once delivered, you take it from there.