Every Day the Clock Resets. Thoughts about Life’s Comfort Zones and Change

This year’s school season has wrapped-leaving me with an incoming Senior, Class of 2024.

And now, summer has officially arrived. As my daughter enters this milestone year, my thoughts go to not to the future, not to the present, but to the past.

The memories I have of her childhood and what the beginning of summer meant for us then-we made pitchers of lemonade-and we sat on the porch swing listening to crickets at night-or I would help her catch lighting bugs to put in mason jars…

These have been replaced with the sound of keys grabbed on her way out the door to meet friends at the mall-and her favorite music playing while she applies her make-up-sometimes she still needs my help for things-like deciphering her paycheck tax deductions.

It’s an end but a new beginning-a transition-a change. Much like major life changes, travel can be an opportunity to reframe our feelings of uncertainty. Many times by taking the action of placing ourselves within a new context we allow possibilities and solutions to find us.Is there a place you have been thinking about traveling to that might speak to a transition you are experiencing in your life right now? This could be the summer to plan that trip.

Mediterranean Alchemy

A little thinking outside of your comfort zone can bring you to some incredible places-Here’s some ideas to get you started.

The seaside Hassan II Mosque holds 25,000 worshippers inside, and 80,000 in the courtyard. Visit the Medina to sample Moroccan culture, or opt for longer UNESCO Partner Tours to imperial Rabat or colorful Marrakesh.

The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Málaga wine, and a style of flamenco, Málaga is an incredibly interesting glimpse at life in southern Spain through the ages. First settled by the Phoenicians, Málaga has been a capital of many dynasties, as evidenced by two Moorish fortresses still standing today.

Though small, Elba has been known since the beginnings of recorded history – prized by empire after empire for its rich soil and abundance of minerals and gems. Napoleon’s famous exile in the 1800s still bears signs of his stay here, yet the largely agricultural island is serene and timeless.