A Walk In the Park

Traveling close to home holds a charm all its own. Recently, I took a 10-minute road trip to the Phoenix Botanical Garden to enjoy a walk in the beautiful Arizona weather, admire the unique desert landscaping, and marvel at the work of El Maestro, Fernando Botero, a Colombian painter and sculptor.

When you take some time out to spend just enjoying your surroundings, there is nothing but a reward in store. I took the time to slow down to admire the infinite delicate details in groups of cacti. I reflected on the parallels between the art of natural creation and the artistic creation of man. I took note of the rare growth evolutions and manifestations that can be found in a saguaro cactus. 

I was inspired by how the rugged natural environment offered a perfect juxtaposition with the slick and graceful lines of contemporary sculpture. They blended to perfection. 

The Maestro Botero

If you get the opportunity to visit before March 31, 2024, you will have the chance to take in the masterful art of Fernando Botero. I have long followed this artist’s career from back in my days as an art history major at Indiana University. Known for his exaggerated figures, referred to as “Boterismo“, his art will surprise and inspire you. I have always loved the humor and playfulness in his works, but he also explores more serious political and social issues relevant to our day.

Sadly, The Maestro passed just days before this exhibition opened, leaving behind an enormous legacy in art and love for the Colombian people who named a national holiday in his honor. He was 91. If you are interested to learn a little more about him, THIS is a good article to check out.

Photo: Courtesy of Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ