Your Ultimate Packing Guide for Every Trip

Packing What You Need Every Time

Packing can be one of the more stressful aspects of traveling; particularly if you are leaving the country. Using a list goes a long way to alleviate the guesswork and helps you to keep track of what you need. We created the ultimate packing guide to help you prepare for your next trip. After you book your fabulous vacation with Andare’ reach for this list to save you time and energy.

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Scarves Socks/Stockings ▢ Underwear

Gloves ▢ Undershirts/Bras ▢ Sleepwear

▢ T-shirts ▢ Sweaters/sweatshirts ▢ Jeans ▢ Casual shirts

▢ Skirts ▢ Hiking/Athletic Shoes ▢ Purses

▢ Ties ▢ Coats/Jackets/Rainwear ▢ Umbrellas

▢ Belts ▢ Dress shoes (suitable for dancing) ▢ Walking shoes

Pants ▢ Formal wear (where appropriate) ▢Leisure shoes

▢ Shorts ▢ Jewelry (if valuable, put in carry-on) ▢ Sandals/flip-flops

Dresses ▢ Under-clothing document holders Laundry Bag

HatsLaundry kit (soap/stain remover) ▢ Collapsible Tote

SlippersPortable steamerClear Tote


▢ Cellphone ▢ Emergency Contacts ▢ Laptop/tablet

Binoculars ▢ Credit-card/bank contacts ▢ Electronic ChargerPurse Organizer

Plug Adaptor ▢ Copies of passport/credit card, etc. ▢ List of medications

ToothbrushShaving Supplies ▢ Vitamins

Toothpaste Nail file/clippersDental FlossPerfume

SoapInsect repellentBrush/combSneaker cleaner wipes

▢ Makeup ▢ First-aid ointment ▢ Medications ▢ Face moisturizer

DeodorantHairstyling tools Pain RelieversKiyo Matcha

TweezersShampoo/conditionerHand sanitizerHair drying brush

Face lotion/gel/etc. ▢ Face cleanser eye patchesEucalyptus shower mist

Sunscreen ▢ Contact lenses/solution ▢ Birth control ▢ Moisturizing face mask

Bandages ▢ Feminine-hygiene products ▢ Makeup remover


▢ Cash ▢ International converter ▢ Credit/ATM cards

▢ Itinerary ▢ Video/music player ▢ House/car keys

Tissues ▢ In-flight medications ▢ Books or e-books ▢ eye patches

Lip Balm ▢ Pashmina/travel blanketEar plugs/eye mask

▢ Paper/pen ▢ Camera w/memory card ▢ Passport/visa/ID ▢ Evian facial spray

Travel pillowValuables, such as jewelryFood/snacks/gum

Headphones ▢ Insurance cards (medical/travel) ▢ Address book

▢ Maps/guides ▢ Empty water bottle (fill post-security) ▢ Change of clothes

Packing Tips

The length of your trip, the weather, and any non-standard gear you might need are your most important considerations when packing for a vacation. 

You should first decide if you will be checking your bag or taking only a carry-on bag. Based on these space considerations, you should adjust the amount of clothing to bring. If you have one or more layover connections, the chances of your bag going missing increases with each connection. Your checked bag should have a TSA approved lock and stow an apple air tag in each bag. We recommend focusing on packing neutral colors and look to layer your clothes, keeping your neutral color palette will be more versatile and give you more mix and match options. Save space and keep all your belongings organized with packing cubes.

It’s a good idea to look for ways to put your clothing to work-meaning multiple use items like bug-repellent clothing, upf-proof beach wear and compressible jackets can save you some space. We recommend athleisure brands like Lululemon, prAna, and Athleta.

Another consideration is if you plan to do laundry on your vacation. You can probably manage to pack less clothing items. Remember to pack your travel laundry kit. Keep your dirty laundry in a laundry bag or an empty pillow case. If your suitcase is full with all your souvenirs on your return trip, you can carry your pillow case (stuffed with your laundry) onto the plane with you as a “personal comfort” item. Secure it to your rolling carry-on with this belt.

You can double-duty your travel accessories by using your beach towel as an airplane blanket, or packing a collapsible tote to carry home your souvenirs.

Adventure Travel

For adventure travel, you should always invest in high-quality special travel gear. If you are booked on an escorted group tour, you will receive a packing list from the tour operator which will make packing and buying your gear easier to figure out. Must-have items include hiking shoes, quick-dry clothing, and a day pack with hydration sleeve and rain cover.

See our Peru/Inca Trail Packing List

Your carry-on bag should be the place to pack your toiletry items. Your medications, contacts, makeup, toothbrush can all go here. A good hanging bag will save space in small bathrooms, and using these TSA-friendly containers will save a lot of space in your bag. Your razor will need to be in your checked luggage or purchased in your destination. We recommend traveling with a first-aid kit for bandages, ointments, and insect repellents. Make sure to check TSA guidelines and the laws in your destination when traveling with medication.

Your Carry-On Bag

Be sure to always keep your wallet, house keys, medications, valuables, laptop, cash, cards, glasses and a copy of your itinerary with you on the plane. 

Tech items will enhance your trip and allow an easier transition when using international amenities. Your phone, laptop, and tablet are essential items. Noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds will save you on a long flight. Also remember to pack electronic adapters and power converters. Bring an extra memory card, backup charger, and consider if you will need a waterproof phone case

In the most important file-travel with a copy of your passport, visa, credit card, bank contacts, list of medications and your emergency contacts. Be sure to check your passport will not expire for 6 months after you travel, and give yourself enough time to apply for visas and arrange for special medications and vaccinations at a travel clinic. 

It sounds slightly random, but items like toilet paper, extension cords, and duct tape can all come in handy while in transit. Sanitizing wipes are good to have to wipe down tray tables, airplane seats, and dirty hands. 

To stay comfortable, a blanket or pillow, empty water bottle, a change of clothes, snacks and gum should be in your carry on bag. You will feel grateful for a good pair of shoes.

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